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Only registered Quiltemagasinet partner shops are listed here now, but you can register your interest to be listen and basic listing is free of charge. For more information on this see the listing page.

Sommerquilt 2018 - Visit shops and events in Scandinavia and win prizes! Quiltemagasinet in Scandinavia is organizing an event with our partner this summer. Our goal is to encourage quilters and others to visit their local shops and new shops while on holiday or other travel. Register today and be part this sommers event! If you like to be a sponsor, shop/event or participate, see more information under Sommerquilt.




Recent shops
  Møllevn. 20 ,1540 Vestby, Akershus, Norway
  Verksgata 1, 1353 Bærums Verk, Akershus, Norway
  Trondheimsveien 266, 2070 Råholt, Akershus, Norway
  Torgvn. 4, 1400 Ski, Akershus, Norway
  Bøgelundgyden 15, 5500 Middelfart, Fyn, Denmark
  Finstadsletta 132, 1475 Finstadjordet, Akershus, Norway
  Øksenbjergvej 47, 5700 Svendborg, Fyn, Denmark
  Oldgata 12, 2000 Lillestrøm, Akershus, Norway
  Hjallesevej 251A, 5230 Odense M, Fyn, Denmark
  Børkeveien 12, 2016 Frogner, Akershus, Norway
  Dyringhavevej 1, 7361 Ejstrupholm, Jylland, Denmark
  Gydasv. 8, 1413 Tårnåsen, Akershus, Norway
Recent events
  Grand Rapids, Michigan
  Odense Congress Center- Arena Fyn, Odense
  Folkets Park i Lidköping
  Godsmagasinet, Smålandsstenar
  Lappe Makeriet, Verksgt.1, Bærums Verk
  Västanfors hembygdsgård i Fagersta
  Björnhults golfbana"klubbhuset" Falkenberg
  Paducah, Kentucky