About us

Sew.guide is an online guide dedicated to shops and events related the sewing, quilting, knitting and many other related hobbies around the world. Our primary objective is to offer a comprehensive guide to stores and event in the physical world. We strongly believe that creativity will prosper and grow in the thousands of shops and thru the many events organized around the world. You can do your part in fostering creativity by supporting them - or we may all just find yourself missing them when if they are not there anymore.

Sew.guide is created and owned by Quilteforlaget AS, a Norwegian company dedicated to quilting but has a keen interest in making sure that local shops and events continue to exist, spread the important message of creativity and last but not least prosper in today’s world.

Support and Customer Service

Questions, difficulties or just feedback etc. please write us at:
Customer service and support is only available via email.

Listing service

If you want to be listed on Sew.guide send us an email to listing@sew.guide with your shop details.


The Sew.guide platform will offer multiple channels for advertisers to meet potential customers. Want to learn more about this? Send us an email at salg@quilteforlaget.no.


Quilteforlaget AS is a registered company in Norway.

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