Privacy Policy take privacy issues serious and will make every effort to ensure that your data is safe and secure and not accessible to others and only used in the manner that you have approved of. In your profile you can at any time disable newsletters and other information from being sent to you, and an option to close the account is available. Upon closing your account you will no longer be able to log in to the account and within 60 days your history will be deleted. Any benefits you may have accumulated as a user will be deleted at that time and no information will be available in order to reinstate your account and information. During the 60 day period reinstating the account will be possible.

Only if you open an account will store information about you, aside from what is stored related to the use of cookies. Please read our Coockie Policy. If you do open an account will store the following information about you if you decide to provide it (not all information is required in order to have an account): Nickname, email address, mobile number, zip-code and country, encrypted password as well as information about your email preferences.

Other information we ask for is entirely up to you to share with us, but will enable us to provide a better user experience. In addition, if you select to tag favourites using our system, than that information will be stored with your account. This information can be used to to offer you targeted information from these favourite-partners however personal information will not be shared with these partners directly. will also store information about the changes you make to your profile and your logins will be saved for both statistical purposes and to understand user patterns.